Medicare Leads

Everyone wants a qualified lead who is ready to buy. But, as you probably know, a lead often takes time to develop – it can shift in quality from bad to good, from cold to hot, and then back again.

Getting in front of a new customer – at exactly the right time for that customer – needs to be your objective in seeking leads. When you match your prospect’s “right time to talk” with the right engagement from you, that’s when you’re most likely to get a sale.

So, where do you find leads? Quality leads can come from lots of places and circumstances:

  • Advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, trade shows, events
  • Internet marketing via email, banner advertising, and social networking
  • Direct marketing via radio, television, newspaper advertising, and direct mail
  • Networking by tapping friends, relatives, neighbors, associates, and those with whom you’re already doing business, asking them to pass your information along to others who may be looking for a broker to work with
  • Referrals from existing customers
  • Trading leads with other sales leaders engaged in the sale of other products and services (i.e., non-competitors)
  • Use of a purchased or rented list
  • Cold calling on the phone or in person

Exclusive versus shared leads? An important thing to consider when searching for a leads company is the type of lead you want: shared or exclusive. Many companies offer shared leads. That means the lead is being sold or rented to multiple insurance brokers. While the cost of a shared lead may be lower (as compared to an exclusive lead), the quality of the lead may not be as high, because the lead may be oversold and you may be competing against a lot of others in your outreach to the prospect

The best-case scenario when purchasing leads is to choose exclusive leads whenever possible.  The insurance broker newsletter LifeHealthPRO suggests you ask yourself these questions when considering a lead-generation firm:

  • How long has the company been in business? (Ten or more years in business is good.)
  • Have any of your peers or colleagues used or heard of them?
  • Do they contribute to industry publications or participate in industry forums?
  • Do they offer training to assist you in nurturing and closing leads?

Price is a factor, but quality is far more important. Take the time needed to research and evaluate lead firms before making a decision. Your time investment is sure to pay off in the end.

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